Linda Brumfield

  • Recommendation Suspension
  • Decision Suspension
  • Length of process 11 months March 06, 2009 to January 21, 2010 Closed
  • Investigative Agency Not Specified

Charged with violating 7 rules on 22 counts

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Rule 2 7 counts

Any action or conduct which impedes the Department's efforts to achieve its policy and goals or brings discredit upon the Department.

Rule 6 5 counts

Disobedience of an order or directive, whether written or oral.

Rule 7 2 counts

Insubordination or disrespect toward a supervisory member on or off duty.

Rule 9 2 counts

Engaging in any unjustified verbal or physical altercation with any person, while on or off duty.

Rule 14 3 counts

Making a false report, written or oral.

Rule 32 2 counts

Engaging in any public statements, interviews, activity, deliberation or discussion pertaining to the Police Department which reasonably can be foreseen to impair the discipline, efficiency, public service, or public confidence in the Department or its personnel by:
(a) false statements, or reckless, unsupported accusations.
(b) the use of defamatory language, abusive language, invective or epithets.

Rule 41 1 count

Disseminating, releasing, altering, defacing or removing any Department record or information concerning police matters except as provided by Department orders.

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