Rules of conduct

From the Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department adopted and published by the Police Board.

Hidden rule # Rule Description Cases Hidden cases
1 Rule 1

Violation of any law or ordinance.

374 (55%)
2 Rule 2

Any action or conduct which impedes the Department's efforts to achieve its policy and goals or brings discredit upon the Department.

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588 (86%)
3 Rule 3

Any failure to promote the Department's efforts to implement its policy or accomplish its goals.

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90 (13%)
4 Rule 4

Any conduct or action taken to use the official position for personal gain or influence.

56 (8%)
5 Rule 5

Failure to perform any duty.

44 (6%)
6 Rule 6

Disobedience of an order or directive, whether written or oral.

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347 (51%)
7 Rule 7

Insubordination or disrespect toward a supervisory member on or off duty.

16 (2%)
8 Rule 8

Disrespect to or maltreatment of any person, while on or off duty.

177 (26%)
9 Rule 9

Engaging in any unjustified verbal or physical altercation with any person, while on or off duty.

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128 (19%)
10 Rule 10

Inattention to duty.

56 (8%)
11 Rule 11

Incompetency of inefficiency in the performance of duty.

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26 (4%)
12 Rule 12

Failure to wear the uniform as prescribed.

0 (0%)
13 Rule 13

Failure to adequately secure and care for Department property.

6 (1%)
14 Rule 14

Making a false report, written or oral.

219 (32%)
15 Rule 15

Intoxication on or off duty.

48 (7%)
16 Rule 16

Entering any tavern or bar while on duty or in uniform, except in the performance of a police duty.

2 (0%)
17 Rule 17

Drinking alcoholic beverages while on duty or in uniform, or transporting alcoholic beverages on or in Department property, except in the performance of police duty.

2 (0%)
18 Rule 18

A. Engaging directly or indirectly in the ownership, maintenance, or operation of a tavern or retail liquor establishment.
B. Engaging directly or indirectly in the ownership or leasing of a taxicab.
(Adopted by the Police Board 8 November 1979)

4 (1%)
19 Rule 19

(Repealed 8 May 1975 by the Police Board)

1 (0%)
20 Rule 20

Failure to submit immediately a written report that any member, including self, is under investigation by any law enforcement agency other than the Chicago Police Department.

14 (2%)
21 Rule 21

Failure to report promptly to the Department any information concerning any crime or other unlawful action.

26 (4%)
22 Rule 22

Failure to report to the Department any violation of Rules and Regulations or any other improper conduct which is contrary to the policy, orders or directives of the Department.

21 (3%)
23 Rule 23

Failure to obey Department orders concerning other employment, occupation, or profession.

16 (2%)
24 Rule 24

Failure to follow medical roll procedures.

18 (3%)
25 Rule 25

Failure to actually reside within the corporate boundaries of the City of Chicago.

16 (2%)
26 Rule 26

Failure to provide the Department with a current address and telephone number.

21 (3%)
27 Rule 27

Failure to report promptly any anticipated absence from duty.

6 (1%)
28 Rule 28

Being absent from duty without proper authorization.

10 (1%)
29 Rule 29

Failure to be prompt for duty assignment, including roll call and court appearance.

0 (0%)
30 Rule 30

Leaving duty assignment without being properly relieved or without proper authorization.

8 (1%)
31 Rule 31

Publicly criticizing the official actions of another Department member, when the result of such criticism can reasonably be foreseen to undermine the effectiveness of the official working relationship of the member within his assigned unit. All such criticism should be made and reported to the Department.

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0 (0%)
32 Rule 32

Engaging in any public statements, interviews, activity, deliberation or discussion pertaining to the Police Department which reasonably can be foreseen to impair the discipline, efficiency, public service, or public confidence in the Department or its personnel by:
(a) false statements, or reckless, unsupported accusations.
(b) the use of defamatory language, abusive language, invective or epithets.

2 (0%)
33 Rule 33

Sitting in a public conveyance while in uniform or as a non-paying passenger when paying passengers are standing.

0 (0%)
34 Rule 34

Failure to keep vehicle in public view while assigned to general patrol duty except when authorized by a supervisory member.

0 (0%)
35 Rule 35

Concealing a Department vehicle for the sole purpose of apprehending traffic violators.

0 (0%)
36 Rule 36

Permitting any person not on official police business to ride in a Department vehicle unless specifically authorized.

1 (0%)
37 Rule 37

Failure of a member, whether on or off duty, to correctly identify himself by giving his name, rank and star number when so requested by other members of the Department or by a private citizen.

5 (1%)
38 Rule 38

Unlawful or unnecessary use or display of a weapon.

70 (10%)
39 Rule 39

Failure to immediately make an oral report to the desk sergeant at the District of occurrence and to follow such oral report with a written report on the prescribed form, whenever a firearm is discharged by a member.

6 (1%)
40 Rule 40

Failure to inventory and process recovered property in conformance with Department orders.

6 (1%)
41 Rule 41

Disseminating, releasing, altering, defacing or removing any Department record or information concerning police matters except as provided by Department orders.

14 (2%)
42 Rule 42

Participating in any partisan political campaign or activity.

1 (0%)
43 Rule 43

Discussing bail with a person who is in custody except by those specifically authorized to let to bond.

0 (0%)
44 Rule 44

Giving an opinion as to fine or penalty.

0 (0%)
45 Rule 45

Recommending any professional or commercial service.

0 (0%)
46 Rule 46

Advising any person engaged in a professional or commercial service that such professional or commercial services may be needed.

2 (0%)
47 Rule 47

Associating or fraternizing with any person known to have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor, either State or Federal, excluding traffic and municipal ordinance violations.

5 (1%)
48 Rule 48

Soliciting or accepting any gratuity, or soliciting or accepting a gift, present, reward, or other thing of value for any service rendered as a Department member, or as a condition for the rendering of such service, or as a condition for not performing sworn duties.

4 (1%)
49 Rule 49

Giving to or receiving from any other member any gift, present, or gratuity excluding gifts accepted from relatives or close friends upon appropriate occasions. No supervisory member will receive a present from subordinate members.

0 (0%)
50 Rule 50

Giving any gift, present, or gratuity to another member or a person not in his family without the specific approval of the Police Board, excluding donations not exceeding three dollars given in honor of retirements, or to hospitalized or deceased members, provided a member above the rank of captain has approved of the donations. Party, dinner, and entertainment expenses will be paid for individually by persons attending without prior collection through Department channels.

0 (0%)
51 Rule 51

A. Failure to testify or give evidence before any grand jury, coroner's inquest or court of law or before any governmental, administrative, or investigative agency (city, state or federal) when properly called upon to do so, and when there is no properly asserted constitutional privilege, or when immunity from prosecution has been granted.
B. Failure to cooperate when called to give evidence or statements by any investigative branch or superior officer of the Chicago Police Department or the Police Board when the evidence or statements sought relate specifically, directly and narrowly to the performance of his official duties. If the member properly asserts a constitutional privilege, he will be required to cooperate if advised that by law any evidence or statements given by him cannot be used against him in a subsequent criminal prosecution.
(Effective 1 January 1975)

2 (0%)
52 Rule 52

Seeking or soliciting contributions of any kind from anyone, by any means, for any purpose, under any circumstances, including collections for charitable purposes by any member or his agent, group of members or their agents, and including any sale or solicitation by any member or his agent, group of members or their agents, of advertising for any police journal, magazine or other publication identified with the Chicago Police Department or any association of its members, except as specifically authorized by resolution of the Police Board.
The members shall be subject to disciplinary action for any violation of this provision by his agent. The officers, directors, or trustees of any association identified with members of the Chicago Police Pepartment shall be subject to disciplinary action for any violation of this provision made on behalf of the association by any member thereof or agents. These provisions do not apply to the solicitation of police personnel by police associations for memberships or dues.

0 (0%)
53 Rule 53

Participating in, encouraging the participation of others in, or otherwise supporting any strike, demonstration, slowdown, or other such concerted action against the Department.

1 (0%)
54 Rule 54

A. Joining or retaining membership in, or soliciting other members to join any labor organization whose membership is not exclusively limited to full time law enforcement officers. It is provided that this Rule will not apply to civilian members nor to membership in any labor organization in connection with, and relating solely to, approved secondary employment of sworn officers.
B. Joining or retention of membership by supervisory personnel in any labor organization, whose membership is composed of rank and file members of the Department, and whose purpose is to represent its members concerning wages, hours, and working conditions. It is provided that this Rule will not apply to the joining or retention of membership with rank and file members of the Department in organizations whose primary purpose is social, religious, ethnic or racial.

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0 (0%)
55 Rule 55

Holding cigarette, cigar, or pipe in mouth while in uniform and in official contact with the public.

0 (0%)