Jose Troche-Vargas

  • Recommendation Termination
  • Decision Termination
  • Length of process 12 months April 28, 2022 to April 20, 2023 Closed
  • Investigative Agency

Charged with violating 6 rules on 16 counts

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Rule 2 5 counts

Any action or conduct which impedes the Department's efforts to achieve its policy and goals or brings discredit upon the Department.

Rule 3 5 counts

Any failure to promote the Department's efforts to implement its policy or accomplish its goals.

Rule 8 2 counts

Disrespect to or maltreatment of any person, while on or off duty.

Rule 9 1 count

Engaging in any unjustified verbal or physical altercation with any person, while on or off duty.

Rule 6 1 count

Disobedience of an order or directive, whether written or oral.

Rule 14 2 counts

Making a false report, written or oral.

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The members of the Police Board of the City of Chicago in Illinois, have read and reviewed the record proceedings, viewed the video recording of the entire evidentiary hearing, received the oral report of the Hearing Officer, and conferred with the Hearing Officer on the credibility of the witnesses and the evidence. The Police Board hereby adopts the findings with seven votes in favor and 0 opposed, to finding the Respondent guilty. The Police Board voted in favor of discharging the Respondent from his position as a police office with the Department of Police and from the services of the City of Chicago. 

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